Image: Simon Damborg (aka Thor - nicknamed by the coaches at CrossFit BC) & the CrossFit BC Team at Regionals in 2012. CrossFit BC was the first gym Simon began training at, coaching at, and coming back to compete with.

Welcome CFBC Athletes!

This page will be the hub for any / all info you need to know about the temporary transition to Raincity Athletics while your new home gets finished!

Any important information will get added to this page & the FAQ below

If you didn’t make it in for a ‘Meet’n Greet’ please checkout the THINGS TO KNOW doc via the button below.


Your accounts are in the process of being setup now, please wait until your account is setup, and then you will be automatically sent the email & directions below.

  1. Download & login via the Zenplanner app

    • You should have gotten an email with your login already (if not, click 'forgot password' and use the email address you used when filling out our intake form)

    • If that doesn't work, email for account / billing related issues to get sorted asap!

  2. Your membership will allow you access to whatever classes show up in that app.

  3. Please reserve yourself for one of the CFBC Intro classes

    • This will give you a chance to come in and meet myself, or one the managers Liz & Scotty (

  4. Come in anytime during the 'class block' so we can take 15 minutes to show you around, answer any questions, as well as review any modifications or things about our program we may do differently than you're used to :)

  5. We'd love for you to join us for your first workout at a CrossFit Team WOD on Monday September 2nd! We'll have a couple extra coaches there to help out & get to meet everyone!


NOTE: If you are late to fill out this form - please ALSO setup your account at so we can get you going asap.

First thing to do is please ensure you have filled out the INTAKE FORM (button below) as soon as possible in order to take advantage of the offer for 3x / week at Raincity Athletics & unlimited access to CFBC West Van without any changes to your billing account.

This form will be used to get your account setup with Zenplanner which is what you will use to reserve classes, log scores, etc. You will get an email with your new account details before September. In order to ensure time for us to get it set up please have the form filled out before AUGUST 15th


  • Can I use my membership to drop-in during the day to do my own thing?

    • Sorry no, we do have ‘Sport Access’ during the day, but it is reserved for athletes who are on individual or private programming with a Raincity Athletics coach (details)

    • We do have CrossFit Open Gym all day Friday and Sunday afternoons that your membership includes

  • What classes are included with my 3x membership?

    • Once you have a profile setup in the app (after filling out the form above) anything that shows up in the app to reserve, you’re eligible to attend!

    • This includes all CF classes ( ) as well as all Strength & Conditioning classes ( ) it does NOT include anything listed under Sport, Barbell Club, etc.


    • As far as a membership / session is concerned = yes!

    • That being said we are not strict on timing so you do not have to show up right when a ‘CF Open Gym’ block begins etc.

    • You DO have to check-in to CF Open Gym in the schedule & it counts as one of your 3x / week

      • The only exception to this rule is if you do a STRENGTH+SWEAT class friday, you don’t have to check in a 2nd time to use open gym as well

  • Can I upgrade to unlimited / more classes?

    • Since this is just a temporary solution we cannot allow everyone to upgrade to unlimited but what we can do…

    • Since CFBC is covering your 3x / week memberships; we can offer you the option to double your # of classes (up to 6 / week) for $25 / month

      • Details:

        • The additional $25 / month bill will be paid by the client - so once your accounts are set up please ensure you add a billing account / credit card and we will set it to bill monthly

        • It is 6 classes / week which resets every Sunday night - classes do not carry over

  • How do I…. Reserve a class? Check the scores? Check the WOD?

    • This is all done via the Zenplanner App or on a browser

    • Reservations for classes open 48 hours in advance and cancellation closes 2 hours prior to the class

    • Checkout the Raincity FAQ for full details:

  • Do you have Showers?

    • Yes! We have 2 individual showers that have body wash / shampoo etc but please bring your own towel


    • We love them all as long as they don’t disrupt the classes and you clean up after them!

    • If there is any risk of your dog / child misbehaving or disrupting class we encourage you to come in for a class with them and just watch / sit with them, or bringing them to open gym first to test the waters

    • Please note, if your dog / child interrupts the class in any way (outside of quietly being adorable, that’s ok) then we will not hesitate to interrupt your workout to take them outside / quiet them, etc.

    • Please see the “ANIMALS, PETS, BABIES & ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBERS:” section of the contract (below)

  • Where do I find the…


    • Once your account is setup, you will be required to digitally sign this agreement before you can begin reserving classes. We have put a copy online to make it easy for you to read & understand before signing:


For general account issues or inquiries please contact or use the CONTACT US button below for any questions related directly to the transition, membership, etc. Use the form below to contact Coach Thor directly.

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For account related issues like scheduling etc. please contact

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