Raincity Athletics is proud to partner with the team at Additional Nutritional to bring you the most affordable, comprehensive, and in depth nutritional advice and meal planning services available from certified nutritionists to help you reach your goals, whatever they are. 


What Additional Nutritional will do for you: 

  • Help you establish and define your health goals

  • Evaluate your current state of health in regard to body fat, weight, stress, sleep and a series of other factors that make up your lifestyle

  • Create a customized meal plan/food schedule based on the highly detailed information that you provide us (via our online Unique Profile Form)

  • Provide detailed grocery lists

  • Provide accountability in the form of monthly weight and measurement check- ins, weekly emails, and timely reminders.

  • Provide support with recipes, motivational tips, ideas, and information.

  • Provide support with regular phone calls to see how things are going and to answer questions that may spring up, as well as provide a live chat option directly on their nutrition plan via our private nutrition app

  • Provide new meal plans/grocery lists each month of the plan with us that add new food options and variety based on their previous month’s success

  • Provide a detailed cookbook with 60+ recipes to keep things interesting, to freshen ideas about what to do with ingredients, and to give you, even more, meal options

  • Provide answers to questions regarding your nutrition and reaching their goals

The benefits

There is no '1 size fits all' when it comes to nutrition. Many athletes have seen success with Paleo, Macro counting, and other specific programs - but in order to truly create longevity in your healthy program, you need to find a balance between what you'll follow, and what you need.

Working with certified nutritionists means that they're there with you every step of the way, to adjust your program based on your goals as well as commitment. They'll work with you to build a nutrition program (and plan) that is sustainable and yet effective.

All for $297 for a 3 month program.

Questions? Contact thor@raincityathletics.ca