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Requires an OnRamp 


The [FF] Group Class is the ‘bread and butter’ (#notpaleo) of Raincity Athletics. Once you have completed an OnRamp program you can join our regular group classes and experience what it means to be functionally fit!

Our classes follow a GCP, or General Conditioning Program, that is tailored to help you increase lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat. We focus on functional full body movements that translate into the real world. That means that what you learn and develop with us will help you in your day to day life. Picking up objects, playing with your kids, or taking part in your favourite sport or activity,

Our [FF] GCP (general conditioning program) guarantees that you will feel more physically (and mentally) prepared for anything your daily life might throw at you!

We do not follow a random program - the lifts follow a standard linear progression, while the WODs (workout of the day - aka ‘GET SWEATY’) portion of the class varies in duration, intensity, and movements. Our group classes follow weekly and monthly cycles that help to maximize results while minimizing the risk of injury. On top of that, our program is universally scalable, which means in a typical group class you’ll see everything from elite level athletes, to 6 month pregnant mothers training side by side, with movements scaled to their ability.


  • Supportive and uplifting community, never workout alone again! #RAthletes #community

  • Certified and trained coaches watching you, without the price tag of a personal trainer! #frugal

  • Just show up, and follow our program, have confidence you’re doing the right thing! #trainmorethinkless

  • 1 hour sessions include warm ups, mobility, recovery, and workouts – the full package! #efficiency

If you’re interested in joining our [FF] program checkout the how to join button below:

Please note, you cannot buy [FF] memberships online as we want to ensure you’ve completed an OnRamp program first. Please check the how to join page if you’re an experoenced athlete looking to drop-in or try us out!

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