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No OnRamp required


Our 'Just Lift' class is part of our Raincity Strength & Conditioning Program. 

We'll focus on the barbell and major lifts as well as our Strongman & odd object toys!

There will be no ‘sweat’ workout in these classes, just good old fashion squatting, deadlifting, pressing - and associated accessory work. 

You do not need to do many different exercises to get strong - you need to get strong on a very few important exercises, movements that train the whole body as a system, not as a collection of separate body parts. The problem with the programs advocated by all the national exercise organizations is that they fail to recognize this basic principle: the body best adapts as a whole organism to stress applied to the whole organism. The more stress that can be applied to as much of the body at one time as possible, the more effective and productive the adaptation will be.
— Mark Rippetoe, Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training