Strength & Conditioning




No OnRamp required


The Strength & Sweat class is part of our Raincity Strength & Conditioning Program. 

This class is very similar to our LIFT+SWEAT classes, but will not include barbell in the strength work. It will instead focus on isolated and unilateral functional bodybuilding techniques using free weights like kettlebells and dumbbells, and will have a much heavier focus on the SWEAT portion.

This class is a great ‘recovery’ class from a hard week of heavy lifting, or also a great first try of our Strength & Conditioning program for those who may be nervous about jumping right in to using a barbell.

The Sweat portion will always be a full body HIIT workout that will follow the principles of other Crosstraining programs (functional, measurable, and intense) with modifications available for athletes of every level.