• CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Athletic History:

  • Competitive sports

  • Competitive dance

  • Competitive figure skating

  • Dance fit boot camp coach

  • Former Cardio Queen

  • Snowboarding


  • Visual Art

  • Music

  • Dance

  • Poetry


Katie has been with Raincity since shortly after it opened. She was a client first, and after she had spent lots of time at the gym and was asked if she would be interested in getting her certification and becoming a coach.  

As someone with a competitive personality, she was instantly lured in by the competitive nature of the sport, but also the balance of the community atmosphere and improved sense of self. CrossFit was the first sport that made her feel better about the body image issues that many women face. She quickly found that CrossFit is more about what you can do versus how you look. The sport gave her a level of confidence that she never had before and wanted to pass that on.

Katie started coaching because she loves seeing people do things that they thought they couldn’t. She loves to see it every day, but what she loves the most is the long term result and progression of clients. She loves to see people go from livings a sedentary lifestyle to becoming someone who loves working out and lifting weights, or even blossoming into a competitive athlete.

In her own words: “I love getting to watch people grow and blossom and do things they never thought they could do before”

Katie describes her coaching style as an atmosphere that people can come into and decompress if they need to, but ultimately wants everyone to have fun while they sweat it out. She mainly wants to see everyone having a party while they’re lifting.