• CrossFit Level One Certified
  • 3 years of Coaching Experience


  • 2012 and 2013 CrossFit Open Competitor, Canada West
  • Provincial level Rugby
  • Rep Ice Hockey
  • Langley Eagles Rep
  • Other Competitive Sports: Tennis, Baseball, Lacrosse, and Football


  • Socializing with friends


My older brother introduced me to CrossFit a couple years ago – at first I was skeptical due to my previous knee injuries knowing that squatting was a major component of the sport. With reassurance and further education, I finally decided to give CrossFit a shot. I was addicted instantly. My knees are stronger than ever and I am injury free! Nothing else rivals the sense of community that CrossFit brings. It invites everyone from all fitness levels to reach their goals, and along the way develop friendships that last forever just like the competitive sports I used to play.

Mike Whyte is the second son of a former South African pro sportsman and is 7 years junior to his older brother James. Growing up, Mike followed the family trend, competing in numerous sports including rugby and tennis. His family immigrated from South Africa to Canada which opened the door to endless opportunities including more traditional Canadian sports like hockey, lacrosse, baseball, and football. Coming from Africa, Mike’s experience in below freezing conditions was minimal, especially on ice, so many people were surprised to see him lace up a pair of ice skates for the first time. It took him a couple seasons to grasp the art of ice skating but by the age of 14 he earned a spot on the Langley Eagles rep hockey roster. Rep hockey is a ‘full time’ sport to most, requiring 7 days a week of training and practice, Mike decided it wasn’t. Being a “Whyte boy” meant following in some pretty big athletic shoes, which he accomplished. The same year as playing rep hockey Mike competed at the provincial level for Rugby as well, also a full time commitment. The youngster refused to choose one sport over the other and pursued both. This unfortunately ended up in severe tears in both his patella tendons. Mike struggled with these injuries for years which eventually forced him to hang up his competitive rugby boots and ice skates.