• CrossFit Level One Certified CrossFit

  • Mobility Certified Gymnastics Movement

  • Certified CrossFit Westside Barbell

  • Powerlifting Certified CrossFit Kids

  • Certified Functional Range Conditioning Certified

  • Integrated Movement Specialist Certified (In Progress - Nov 2019)


  • 11 years minor hockey

  • 2 years competitive boxing

  • Competitive CrossFitter


  • Drummer

  • Rehab and movement specialist


Mitch has been involved with sports his whole life. Growing up he was a hockey goaltender participating on Richmond’s minor hockey teams. Later he transitioned into boxing and had 10 amateur fights over the course of 2 years. After boxing Mitch was looking for a change. He found CrossFit and never looked back. The balance of intense, effective training and a welcoming community was exactly what he was looking for.

After some years in CrossFit Mitch noticed something was changing. Multiple injuries from the past were starting to show their face again. From old sprained ankles, stiff hips, a sensitive back and a shoulder that had taken a bad fall, the joints weren’t able to keep up to the demands of his current training. This started a journey to find the best way to assess and correct any joint dysfunction.

Mitch is now passionate about people reaching their full potential by first assessing and correcting joint dysfunction and finding problems that people aren’t aware of. Then when integrity has been established blending it with the highly intense paradigm of CrossFit.

Mitch is a CrossFit Coach and Athlete. He loves seeing growth and is passionate about sharing the satisfaction of training and camaraderie with others. An athlete at heart and a lover of the underdog he enjoys seeing people experience training in a way they never thought possible.

When not at the gym Mitch can often be found slamming some beats on the drum kit and hanging out with friends.

Classes You Can Find Mitch At: