• CrossFit level 1
  • 12 Years Sport Specific Training Experience
  • 4 Years Personal Training, General Fitness

Athletic History:

  • Ex-Professional Hockey Player
  • NCAA division 1 athlete


  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Snowboarding
  • Hiking


Reid was introduced to fitness through hockey when he was 16 years old and fell in love with off-season training which helped him to become stronger and faster in the sport. When Reid retired from hockey, he kept training in fitness to stay in shape. He tapped into how good it made him feel in terms of mental clarity even more than how he felt physically, which he decided he wanted to share with others.

Now as a trainer, Reid enjoys helping athletes and clients alike, reach their physiological potential and build strong, functional bodies that are capable of doing more. Reid’s favourite part of coaching is watching people leave feeling empowered and encouraging people to translate what they do at the gym, into their everyday lives.

When you train with Reid you can expect a serious sweat but also some laughs. He likes to keep a light comedic atmosphere, while tapping into your competitive nature. He loves to challenge clients but make it fun to do so at the same time.  

Reid is stoked to be at Raincity

“Raincity stood out to me because when you walk in those doors, it’s not every person for themselves. You feel the community vibe and you know that everybody is here to boost you up.”


Classes You Can Find Reid At: