What Is It?

The purpose of the Raincity Barbell Club is to provide members with guided class time to improve their technique in the Olympic Lifts (Clean, Jerk, Snatch) and relevant assistance work.

We ask that members commit to attending class times on a regular basis, though you may also sign up for Barbell Access to make up missed class workouts.

The Raincity Barbell Club is appropriate for all skill and experience levels -- from novices to experienced lifters. We will work with each lifters to target technique drills, accessory lifts and mobility drills that will target each lifter’s strengths and weaknesses.


Can this membership be done in conjunction with a Crossfit membership?
Yes, and if you have both memberships active with RC, you will receive a discount on both

Can I go to a Crossfit class before attending a BB club class?
Your instructor recommends against doing a CF class directly before. Either split them up AM/PM, do the class after, or come to CF on an alternate day.

When are the BB Club classes?
Monday & Wednesday 6:30PM
Friday 6:00PM

What happens if I miss a class?
You may make up the programming on your own during “Sport Access” or CF Open Gym time sessions
3x / week can’t come to more than 3 “BB Club” + “Sport Access” slots during a week.
You may also send video of your lifts to Coach Liz for review for times you are not able to attend the class.

What is the difference between this and the existing Raincity CrossFit Olympic class?
Structure and commitment. The BB club is for those who truly want to spend time improving their Olympic lifting technique. We expect those who sign up to attend the classes on a regular basis, and we will design drills and progressions with that in mind.
Expectation will be to attend 10/12 sessions / month

How long do I have to commit to the BB club for?
We will accept membership with a 3 month commitment
No cancellations but you may ‘buyout’ remainder at 25% discount

What happens if I downgrade my CF membership from unlimited to 3x a week to add the BB club?
You won’t have a cancellation fee as long as you sign a 3x a week CF membership of equal or greater length of time
OR if completely cancelling CF for BB you’ll only pay 50% of CF Cancellation fee