D) Movement Patterning & Warmup

Hollow Rocks x 10 
Legs straight, arms overhead, squeeze your core and lift both arms and legs a few inches off the ground. Low back should be pressed into the ground and arms/feet should remain only a few inches off the ground as you rock

Superman Rocks x 10 
Legs straight, arms overhead. Squeeze your posterior chain (glutes, hammies, back) to lift arms & legs off ground into “superman position”, Maintain this position as you rock

V-Sits x 10 
Legs straight, arms overhead. Contract your abs and raise your legs off the ground, simultanously raising your torso & arms/reaching for you legs.

C) Strength & Mechanics

Hollow Hold Lat Push-Down x 10 (3s pause) 
Same start position as hollow hold, except arms are in front of the body on the dowel. Squeeze your core and raise legs/shoulders slightly off the ground while using lats to push down on dowel. Hold for 3 seconds, relax.

Lat Pushdowns while hanging From Pullup Bar x 10 
Hanging from the bar, hands approx shoulderwidth apart. Engage lats (just like push down) and push down on the bar to go into a hollow hold

Exaggerated Beat Swing x 10
Hanging from the bar, activate your shoulders and push down on the bar to go into a slight hollow body position, then open the shoulders and push your head/chest through into superman position. Alternate between these two positions using shoulders (not feet) to initiate swing

B) Basic Skill Development

Knee Raise: x 10 
Same idea as the beat swing, but this time in that hollow body position bring your knees up to your chest. Remember to focus on pushing down on bar with your lats/shoulders (vs doing a dead hang and raising knees)

– Exaggerated Knee Raise x 2-5

– Knees to Elbows: x 2-5

Toes to bar: x 2-5
focus on keeping rythm, if you lose it go back to last stage you had it at and work up
keep neck/spine neutral (Don't crank back and look at the bar)

A) Advanced Skill Practice

Fast Kipping Toes to Bar x 8-12
Maintain consistency and control through bigger sets and while under fatigue

How To Video: