If you’ve already achieved proficiency in the standard CrossFit movements then we are happy to have you come into the gym and complete an OnRamp test.

The session costs $80 to book. If you pass and the coach does not need to provide any feedback / input then you will be credited your session fee towards your first months membership. If you do need assistance / review then think of this as a private training session to touch-up, and your coach might recommend some additional sessions depending on your skill level. 

Please note: You are not required to complete all movements ‘RX’, but the expectation is you will know your modifications.

If you end up needing little direction you may be re-credited half of your OnRamp challenge rate towards your membership. 
Here are some of the movements you will be expected to perform:


Double Unders
Kettlebell Swings
Box Jumps
Kipping Pull-up
Ring Dips
Handstand Pushups
Toe to Bar 


Clean (Power + Hang + Squat) 
Front Squat
Split Jerk + Push Jerk + Push Press + Strict Press
Back Squat
Snatch (Power + Hang + Squat)