• Raincity Athletics (map)


Anyone with a [FF] membership may register for & join the Friday Night Raincity Open Classes! Heat signup will be @ Raincity at 6:30PM. Register via zenplanner.


The #RaincityOpen Friday Night Lights

  • For 5 weeks we will complete the CrossFit Games Open workouts together!

    • Note: if you to register via the CrossFit Games website we will not be able to validate your scores without video recording it (read more)

  • Oct 11 to Nov 8

    • 7:00 PM Friday Night Lights

      • Raincity Open WOD Class’ (register via Zenplanner)

      • Heat signup opens up AT THE GYM at 6:30PM


  • $10 - Leaderboard & weekly prizes / draws!

    • Register via competition corner & join the leaderboard and see how you stack up!

    • Anyone with a membership at RA is welcome to join the Friday Night ‘Raincity Open’ classes

    • OR utilize a judge during [FF] Open Gym (see details in the FAQ below)

  • $60 - Leaderboard & Prizes & Additional 5 pack of ‘Raincity Open’ Drop-ins!

    • All of the above, but this is for those on 3x / week memberships who want to be able to come in an extra time each week to join us Friday Night or for [FF] Open Gym (see details in the FAQ)


Each week we’ll be drawing a Private Training session from one of the coaches ($100 value) as well as different pieces of new & old Raincity swag, and prizes from each weeks sponsor (Blonyx, TruLocal, Hydrator & more!)

There will be a different coach to beat every week! Fingers crossed the workout isn’t in their wheelhouse that week ;)

1 Raffle Ticket:

  • Register, do your workout & submit your score

  • Workout may be done (with a judge) during [FF] Open Gym OR Friday Night Lights

+1 Raffle Ticket

  • Do your workout during the #RaincityOpen Class Friday night

+2 Raffle Tickets

  • Beat that weeks nemesis Coach!

WEEK 1 - October 11th

Partner: Hydrator

FNL Coaches: Thor & Tak

Nemesis: Liz

WEEK 2 - October 18th

Partner: Blonyx

FNL Coaches: Liz & Mitch

Nemesis: Rebecca

WEEK 3 - October 25th

Partner: RYU Apparel

FNL Coaches: Scotty & Tak

Nemesis: Scotty

WEEK 4 - November 1st

Partner: Lorna Jane

FNL Coaches: Rebecca & Liz

Nemesis: Katie

WEEK 5 - November 7th

Partner: Habitat Coffee Co.

FNL Coaches: Thor & Tak

Nemesis: Tak


When submitting:
Prescribed = Rx workout 
Intermediate = Scaled workout
Scaled = super scaled (for injury etc) 

To submit your score just do it at a Friday Night class OR bring a judge to open gym, get a scoresheet from a coach & return your signed sheet to the office! We’ll input your scores for you!


  • No Redos. Period.

  • Workouts can only be completed during designated classes (Raincity Open) OR During [FF] Open Gym

  • Workouts MUST have a judge (you will submit their name with your score) & have a coach witness to be counted for the #RaincityOpen Leaderboard!

    • Coach witness: the coach on the [FF} Open Class, or ensure the coach @ open gym knows you are completing the workout

  • If doing the workout during [FF} Open gym you MUST bring your own judge

  • Sport Access / Programming athletes may only do it during sport access if programmed for them by their coach


  • Will this count as one of my classes?

    • Yes! But if you’re on a 3x / week membership CONTACT US to purchase a 5x ‘Raincity Open’ class punch card for $75!

    • (only available to existing members, and punch card only eligible for the 5 weeks of the #raincityopen for CrossFit Open or CF Open Gym classes)

  • Do I have to do them all? What If I can’t make one week?

    • Come to as many as you do or don’t want! We recommend trying to do every single workout to see how you stack up, but there’s no requirement to how many you have to do :)

  • What if I don’t do it during the Raincity Open classes?

    • See the rules below

    • You can still submit your score for the leaderboard but will not be eligible for giveaways that week!

  • Should I signup through the CrossFit Games website as well?

    • We encourage you not to as you will be required to record videos of every workout in order to have your score validated

    • Raincity Athletics can no longer validate your CrossFit Open scores without a video etc. (read more here)

  • If I do programming & have Sport Access can I join in?

    • Of course! You can register for the Raincity Open classes with your sport access membership as well.

    • If you are on 3x Programming & Sport access and need additional drop-ins to add this you can add on the CrossFit Open class punch card

    • Please see the rules below in regards to doing it outside of those times

  • I’m not a member at Raincity (or I have a friend who wants to join) can they Drop-in for the Raincity Open Workout?

    • Of course! They can drop-in for a one off Raincity Open class by registering for it online for $25

    • OR They can buy a [FF] Punch card (6 of 12) and use those towards the Raincity Open classes OR [FF] open Gym (following rules below)