• raincity athletics (map)

Raincity Athletics brings you the first ever in-house competition! 

Full details will be coming soon but here's what you need to know to start getting ready! 

When is it? 

  • Saturday January 27th 2018
  • ~ 9:00AM to 3:00PM

Who's it for? 

  • The Competition is open to any CrossFit monthly members.
    • You must be a participant in CrossFit group classes to take part (not S&C, Sport, etc.)

What are the teams? 

  • Same sex pairs - 2 men or 2 women

What level?

  • The scaled division will be for 2 athletes (of similar level) who do not typically complete the class workouts on L4 or above.
  • The Rx Division is for 2 athletes (of similar level) who either typically complete class workouts L4 or L5

How much exercise? 

  • There will be 3 events & a final (depending on number of teams) 

How much moneys? 

  • It will be $100 per team to take part but will include all kinds of cool prizes
  • 100% of any leftovers / profits will go towards new equipment / toys for the group classes!

How do I sign up?