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This program is for those who are looking for a little extra work on their gymnastics skills & take their muscle ups / pull-ups / handstand pushups to the next level.


When I started with Liz’s gymnastics program I could do one (really ugly) strict pull up, I could not link my toes to bar together to save my life and could not complete the negative portion of a hand stand push up. A few months later, I’ve done a 10 pound weighted strict pull up and am doing sets of non weighted pull ups. I am now able to link 9 toe to bar and have been RX’ing workouts that contain them. My most exciting moment was achieving one kipping handstand push up with just an abmat under my head.
— Nicole Nybo


Saturday: December 2nd & 16th, January 6th. 


Primary Skills worked on: minimum requirements.

Level 3/4 - 12:00 PM

  • ‘Kipping’ & Beat swings: ability to actively hang from the bar for :15s+

  • Pullup & basic strength development: no minimum requirement

  • Basic inversions & holds: no minimum requirement

Level 4/5  - 1:00PM

  • Ring swings & transitions: 5/3 Chest to bar 3/1 ring dips

  • Strict pulling strength: strict chest to bar pullup

  • Handstand Pushup & Kipping skill work: controlled HSPU negative

Homework will include: increasing pressing & pulling strength as well as general position & core stability.



  • 3x 1 hour sessions with both coaches

  • Hands on skill work & practice

  • ‘homework’ review and Q&A


  • 6 sessions of additional skill work via Fitbot

  • 1 session on seminar weeks, 2 sessions on non seminar weeks

  • Includes review by Coaches


  • Access to ‘Sport Access’

  • Allows you to come in and complete your assigned homework outside of typical open gym hours

TOTAL VALUE: $185.00
MEMBER COST: $148.00

Contact info@raincityathletics.ca with questions.

Please note:

  • Paying includes attendance to all 3 sessions as scheduled

  • If you are unable to make all 3 please notify us when you e-mail

  • If you are unable to make 2/3 we do not recommend registering

  • If you’re interested in something similar but cannot make scheduled times, contact us for more info on options